Using an iPhone and Android event app to leverage your “Green” initiatives

by | Aug 27, 2014 | Computers and Internet


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More and more people today are concerned about protecting the environment and minimizing our carbon footprint on the world around us. If you stop and think about all of the moving pieces of a conference, you quickly understand that trying to make an event “green” can be a challenge if you don’t switch from traditional options to take advantage of new technology.

In today’s world, you’d be hard pressed to find a professional without a smartphone either using an Android or iOS system. An incredible tool found within your event app is the ability to digitize all of your documents and get rid of all that printed material.

Welcoming Info and Attendee Package

At all conferences when you register or sign in you get the standard welcoming package. This typically includes multiple photocopied pages, all on different colored paper, most that are full of information that nobody bothers to read. In addition you’ll usually receive information about the host organization, speaker evaluation forms and even lists of local restaurants and things to see and do in the area.

By taking all of this information and making it available and easy to use with an interactive Android conference app, you not only go green but you also make the information more user-friendly to access at

Surveys and Speaker Evaluations

Along with information for the attendees, your Android event app can also help to get information from attendees to you and the conference committee. By having the app pre-loaded with speaker evaluations for each session, participants can submit a survey or short answer- type of review immediately from their smartphone.

The system can be set to automatically add the participant’s information to the review or survey, perfect for quick follow-up and capturing real time feedback. The surveys can also be administered on an “anonymous” basis as well. Ultimately, an event app saves on paper while giving you an interactive tool for evaluations.

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