Put Money Back in Your Budget with an Accounts Payable Audit

by | Feb 19, 2019 | Software


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Does putting money back in your budget sound like a savvy business procedure? That is exactly what an accounts payable audit can do for your business. Companies like Belmero want to help see the amount of money left on the table every month so you can be proactive about stopping such a loss. The solution is a supplier returns-credits managed service that can cut your costs and make sure you get money back that has been overpaid. You may be wondering where the money goes. Look at your supply costs. Chances are they need to be under better control. Many businesses leave money behind that could go back into their budget. Two big losses include any discounts that are not taken and not taking advantage of supplier credits. Do not overlook obvious benefits, the losses could total in the millions for companies that are larger.

Get Money Back

Did you know that an audit for accounts payable can actually take a month when it comes to completion? It can also take up a bevy of office time and resources. There is a better way to get your money back that does not take a lot of time or resources. Delegate all of the hard work to Belmero’s. They will address the problem proactively so you do not have to dedicate any time to auditing.

Utilize Preventative Tools

A less costly and faster way to get more money back is by using preventative tools that help you cut back on supply costs. Take advantage of discounts and credits that are available to your company. An audit for accounts payable provided by the professionals can get you more money back so it is not left on the table. Now that is a positive solution that keeps more money in your budget.

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