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Network Management Center

As networks get more complex, and include more and more distributed and cloud-based components, managing them becomes a harder and more error-prone task. It is often mission critical for businesses to ensure that their networks remain functional at all times, and old style manual management is often not sufficient to ensure the reliability and performance they require.

Hewlett Packard’s Network Management Center (NMC) is a powerful solution for enterprise network management. NMC is a suite of integrated software tools that monitor all sorts of network devices including routers, switches and servers. Their combined monitoring and management features ensure that network administrators can more easily ensure high performance, improved up time, security, and compliance with service level agreements, internal standards, and government regulations.

At its most basic level, NMC allows network managers to see and catalog all the devices within the network. They can be configured individually from a central console. NMC looks for performance issues and outages, and automatically flags these to users. With suitable tuning, this enables network managers to spot potential problems before they occur and re-route the network around failing components before they go down. This reduces unplanned downtime and creates a faster, more reliable service.

The automated enterprise network management tools, including the HP iSPI Network Engineering Toolset (NET), take many of the complex or time-consuming tasks out of the hands of humans. This ensures that networks keep running even without human intervention: issues can be dealt with immediately without having to call in staff at inconvenient times.

Data analysis

NMC provides excellent data analysis tools. Network data is held for 15 months, allowing full-year analysis of performance so that seasonal fluctuations can be identified. In the event of network failures, the detailed reports allow network managers to diagnose the root cause of the problem and take remedial action cost-effectively and quickly instead of wasting time on problems that were symptoms of the underlying issue rather than causes. This also allows network managers to plan infrastructure upgrades and investments effectively, as well as assisting with change management and implementation. They can see with great accuracy which specific components are prone to failure and can predict the future loading in different scenarios, which leads to better planning, and as new systems are put in place, the effects can be seen immediately.

Multiple networks

One of the major benefits is that NMC allows for more efficient use of hardware. Multiple networks can be set up on a single box, which reduces costs for service providers servicing multiple clients. Handling multiple networks is also facilitated by being able to manage and configure many different clients, departments, or site from a single unified console. NMC allows for management of 25,000 devices or 2,000,000 interfaces from one server.

Hewlett Packard’s Network Management Center (NMC) is a powerful solution for enterprise network management.


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