The Importance of Going Mobile with Your Ad Campaign

by | Feb 19, 2014 | Software


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More people rely on a smartphone to access the Internet while on the go and while at home. In fact, many people use a smartphone as a main source of Internet access, so it’s important that your AdWords campaign targets mobile users as well as computer users. A Google AdWords professional can help you create a successful campaign that is optimized for mobile devices and gets you the results you need.

Why Do I Need To Optimize For Mobile?

Have you ever tried to visit a website on a smartphone to discover that it’s virtually impossible to access the information that you need. Maybe only a portion of the website loads or the links don’t work correctly. Most likely, the website owner has not optimized his or her website for mobile users, making it next to impossible to see the site on a smartphone or tablet. If your AdWords campaign is not mobile ready, you’re losing this important set of customers.

Because smartphones use a different platform to share information, it requires that website owners use enhanced features and mobile friendly layouts in order for a site to load properly. The same is true for an AdWords campaign. A dedicated Google AdWords professional can show you how to enhance your campaign for mobile devices, including optimizing your bids and ads for smartphones.

You Don’t Need a Mobile Website to Have Mobile Ads

One misunderstanding that advertisers often have is the belief that you must have a mobile website in order to have mobile ads. This isn’t true. You can be in the process of converting your website but still be running mobile ads. You can choose how your ad appears, and if you’d prefer a click to call link for the customer he or she will directly call your business line. It’s possible to run text or image ads for your campaign, although visitors will see fewer ads than when browsing on a computer.

If you haven’t enhanced your AdWords campaign for mobile, now is the time. The use of smartphones will only rise, and if you don’t take advantage of mobile advertising, you’re missing a core audience of prospective customers.


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