San Jose Companies Vulnerable to Data Breach Despite Doing Everything Right

by | Aug 8, 2019 | Software Company


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Databases are the backbone of many websites. From large corporate banks to upstart mobile applications, entities that rely on SQL databases and language are ubiquitous. This year, much attention was given to two very dangerous invasive programs, one of which can even affect mobile phone CPUs, but database security remains a primary concern as SQL injection can expose the data of millions of people simultaneously.

The Frightening Vulnerability of User Authentication

Securing user and company data usually relies on security gating – these are security measures that prevent a malicious person from accessing data infrastructures and processes via firewall. SQL injection attacks exploit code interpretation by databases during user authentication. A hacker can input variables in SQL coding language that would be interpreted by the database rather than serve as inputs for user authentication. These interpreted code fragments can be used to gain access to the database and therefore all of the information stored inside it. A hacker could steal customer, company, or trade-specific data, or they could delete everything entirely.

Finding Solutions in the Fray

In order to protect your company and users from SQL injection attacks, it is important to utilize tools for accessing security and vulnerabilities in your databases. Database systems are rarely rebuilt. Instead, they are like lumbering Frankenstein, made up of old code and new.

Assessments of Consistent Protective Coding

In a world where security for both the provider and the user is becoming increasingly difficult to guarantee, you must take all necessary measures to prevent the data you are responsible for from falling into the hands of those who would misuse it. Despite numerous reports on the helplessness of protecting commercial and private data, there are viable solutions.

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