Past, Present, and Future of Cashless Marketing Options in the Car Wash Industry

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Software Company


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Having a car wash service should be profitable. Cars always need cleaning. Long gone from your business should be old-fashioned cash registers. You must stay current with modern times and install technology driven car wash controllers. You could see your business sales drastically rise when you install these innovative high-end machines.


In past times, customers had to enter stores to buy car washing services. Most times, those lines would deter people from ever entering. Typically, merchants want to buy a car wash and get their car cleaned quickly and efficiently. Unfortunately, with old and less interactive car washing machines, quick payment options and service was just not feasible. Luckily, times are consistently changing and moving towards more advancements and productivity in automotive washing options.


If you expect to stay current with rising markets, then you must switch to automated car washing kiosk systems. These systems are found all over automotive markets and other industries because they make payments and services easy for customers. However, they do not only benefit your merchants but should also make your life much easier. The electronic and state-of-the-art equipment allows you to know everything that happens at your business without physically being there. You could have all software linked to your electronics through your iPad or smartphone and monitor everything! Not only should this let you see all transactions, but it should also allow you to create databases and communicate with your customers. This way, you have correspondence with them and have options to send promotions and other emails regarding business occurrences.


In future times, plans are to make cash payments obsolete. While your customers probably mainly use credit cards now, cash options could no longer be a choice. Eliminating that form of currency for payments should help business owners track customer data. Likewise, most patrons find it more convenient to use other forms of payment. Cash sometimes jam machines and cause issues. It is rare for credit cards to cause any problems. Additionally, the newer machines accept payments electronically. Future purchasing options for car washing machines could far surpass anything you and your consumers could ever imagine! Contact eGenuity for more information.

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