Finding The Best Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk

by | Jul 14, 2015 | Software


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When interactive kiosks were first introduced in the late 1970s, they seemed like something incredibly complex and wonderful. After a few decades, they are still wonderful and complex, but they are also more commonplace. Kiosks can be found pretty much anywhere, indoors and out. One of the latest in kiosk technology is an outdoor touch screen kiosk. They are very useful for many purposes. When a business wishes to invest in an outdoor touch screen kiosk to provide information or directions to passersby or to enable them to make bank transactions and rent DVDs, they need to have some requirements so that the outdoor touch screen Kiosk can last as long as possible and withstand bad weather, as well as burglary attempts.

What Is An Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk Used For?

There are many uses for outdoor touch screen kiosks, and here are a few of the ones that are most frequently found.

– DVD dispensing Kiosks – These can be found outside many stores. The customer pays to rent the desired DVD for a day and taps on the screen to choose the DVD and payment option.

– Financial Services Kiosks – These include ATM machines, but they can also help people with more complicated bank services that they would normally need to drive to a bank to complete. These touch screen Kiosks are often found outside business establishments and are very convenient.

What To Look For When Buying an Outdoor Touch Screen Kiosk

When an establishment is looking to add an outdoor touch screen kiosk to maximize their business potential and customer satisfaction, there are some things they should look for so they can make sure their kiosk will live up to their expectations and business needs. There are some basic requirements that all outdoor touch screen kiosks should have. They should have internal heaters to keep the system running smoothly even in bad weather. The screen needs to be a certain brightness, and the resolution needs to be enough that customers can easily see what is on the screen. Other things outdoor touch screen kiosk buyers should look for include:

– Weather Resistance – Outdoor touch screen kiosks need to be able to withstand the weather and adapt to the climate.

– Durable Design – The design of the exterior of the kiosk must be solid and durable, to protect it from burglary attempts or other accidents.

– Convenient to Use – A kiosk must be easy to use for everyone who needs its services. It must have clear, concise instructions and not be too complicated or confusing to use.

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