How Mail.dat and Presort Mail Software Can Help You Become More Efficient

by | May 20, 2015 | Software


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As businesses start mailing more and more items to potential and current customers, they realize that turnaround times are even more important now than ever before. While there are hundreds of ways to become more efficient, one way to do so is to consider Presort mail software and Mail.dat options.


Many customers give their information in a mail.dat format, which isn’t a problem for most businesses. However, you will likely need to have many employees working to update that information and put it in the appropriate format that the postal service prefers. Having post-presorting programs available to use can reduce the effort it takes to about 83 percent. While this alone is jaw-dropping, you will also have the benefit of saving time, saving money and reducing mistakes because a computer can handle this situation instead of a human.


Presorting programs are also important because they will ensure that your mailings are immediately ready to be sent, which saves you and the postal service time and money. If your addresses aren’t correct and in the form that the USPS prefers, it will take longer for your mail to arrive at its destination. However, it will also require the USPS to use their manpower figuring out where your mail is going instead of doing other things.


After the presorting has been completed, either by you or by a computer program, you can benefit from post-presorting, also. Most companies require postage statements to be printed out at the end of the day. If you don’t have programs to do this for you, employees must do it by hand. These programs are meant to save you time and money because you will know exactly what is going out and when.

Many times, you use presort programs to estimate postage needs, but many times, these can be incorrect. The post-presorting program can easily correct this quickly and efficiently so that you don’t waste time.


Postage and process statements are essential to keep a paper trail going. Many businesses use these statements to measure how well their mailings are generating new sales and customers. However, without these programs, you couldn’t do postal verification smoothly or efficiently. Therefore, you will be saving yourself and your employees time, but the business will save money while generating new business.

Presort mail software, among other tools, is almost essential for everyday business activities. Visit website to learn more about their various program options and find something that fits your needs today.

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