Don’t Overlook Local Optimization When Creating a Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaign

by | Mar 23, 2015 | Software


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Visibility is the goal for any website that wants to attract visitors and turn those visitors into customers. With Google being the number one search engine, it may seem like getting to the top of the results page will get you the conversion rates you need. However, ranking high on the results page is just one part of the formula for having a successful business digital marketing plan. You need to target your marketing and control your online ads so that the visitors to your site will become customers.
But how do you do this successfully?  A good campaign is run with the following flow in mind:

Your website’s optimization, or at least the landing pages being used in the campaign, is key to the success of your campaign overall.  Too often, small businesses give up on PPC campaigns before they are refined.  It takes time to improve each variable of the campaign, and your landing pages and local optimization are a key component.

We offer pay per click in St. Louis and other areas, helping to maximize your marketing by minimizing the ineffectiveness of your marketing

Target Your Area with a Targeted Message

When building a pay per click campaign in St. Louis, it’s important that your ads market to local customers. If your business is seasonal or you’re trying to increase the number of holiday shoppers to your site, make sure you advertise your geographical location. If your company only serves the local area, then it’s imperative that your pay per click campaign target the local customer. You can achieve this with a targeted message. What your pay per click ad says is as important as the link provided.

If you sell custom cupcakes, you want to attract buyers by using popular keywords and targeting the message to the local buyer. Do you offer local delivery? Do you create custom orders? Do you cater? By working with an SEO company like Big Step Marketing, you can narrow down the best keywords and turn those into a great target message.

Measure Your Success

The great thing about pay per click for St. Louis businesses is that the success is measurable. Unlike a print ad, where you really can’t gauge how effective it is at attracting customers, you can measure your PPC campaign. This helps you create a good marketing budget and ensure you’re spending your budget wisely. It also helps you gauge what’s attracting customers and what’s turning clicks into buys.

Big Step Marketing is a highly rated member of the Google Partner program in their customer maintenance rating scale. Big Step takes a strategic approach to PPC marketing for you, and focuses on better results and decreasing your overall costs.   Our services pay for themselves in time. Call us at to discuss how we can help your campaign produce better results.

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