Commercial Lighting Repairs in Kootenai County, Idaho

by | Oct 24, 2018 | Electrician


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Any industrial or commercial Lighting Repairs in Kootenai County Idaho that cannot be accomplished by changing the light bulbs will require professional attention. Do not risk injury, further damage to the electrical system, or creating a fire hazard to save the cost of a service call. A commercial lighting system is not the place for an amateur electrician who has watched too many do-it-yourself YouTube videos to be experimenting. Call an experienced lighting company and wait for an electrician to arrive.


Commercial wiring is complicated and can easily electrocute someone. This is more than a minor shock from a grounded outlet, and it can kill you. Other risks are not as serious but can cause significant damage. The circuit can overload and leave half the business in darkness. Computers can crash and leave all data and confidential information vulnerable to theft or attack.

Wires can be rendered useless and require replacement, and a power surge can cause a fire. Tampering with the wiring may also void any warranties for equipment and security measures and void terms and conditions of insurance policies. Liability, theft, property, and fire insurance may all become null and void if anyone but a licensed electrician works on Commercial Lighting Repairs in Kootenai County Idaho. Double check policies first, or better yet, call an electrician.

Power Backup Systems

An experienced company will work with businesses to design and install a power backup system to avoid vulnerability in the future. If the primary source of power fails, a generator can be programmed to kick in and support essential security and safety functions requiring electricity. Some components included can be emergency lighting, computer hard drives, locked doors and display cases, and cash registers. This eliminates some of the stress and panic that compound the situation.

What about Solar Power?

Consider solar panels on the roof to reduce dependency on grid-provided electricity, save money for years, and maintain power when hackers attack the city electricity providers. The upfront costs can be high, but there are rebates, financing opportunities, incentives, and tax credits to help with that initial expense. Go to for details on comprehensive commercial services available.

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