What to Expect from an Online Prophecy

by | Dec 17, 2013 | Business software


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When you get a prophecy online for the first time, you may not know what to expect. Many people think that this information will not be accurate, simply because it’s coming from the Internet. Online prophecies are just as accurate as prophecies that occurred thousands of years ago. God speaks through people like Bishop Jordan to spread the word to His people all over the world. If you’re new to this area, here’s what you should expect when you go online to get a word from God.

Experienced Prophets

When you seek the help of people like Bishop Jordan for prophecy, you get experienced, spiritual individuals to talk to. They have dealt with people in all areas and walks of life, and can relate to individuals in various lifestyles. The prophet has the knowledge to help you understand why you may not be seeing the hand of God in key areas of your life, and can give you direction on how to improve or correct that. This only comes with experience, and knowing how to hear God’s word when it involves the lives of others.

Accurate Prophecy

The main reason for going online to seek a prophecy is so that you can get a clear direction and understanding of what God expects, and demands of you. In that case, the prophecy needs to be accurate. When you receive a Bishop Jordan prophecy, you can rest assured that it will not only be accurate, but that you will feel the power of God in your life upon receiving that word. This feeling is something that you should always get whenever you receive a word from a messenger of God.

Receiving an online prophecy can be just what you need to get your life back in order. Whether you receive a Bishop Jordan prophecy, or one from another messenger of God, make sure that what they tell you is aligned with the word of God. You may not be able to find the specific details of your situation in the bible, but the basics of what they tell you should always align perfectly with what is already written in the word. By taking the time to find the right prophet to speak with, you can ensure that the word will be a blessing to your life.

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