What is VPS Windows Hosting

by | Jan 16, 2014 | Computers and Internet


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If your business is creating a website, whether it’s an existing business with the new website whether it’s a new business altogether, unless you’re an Internet or website expert, you’ll likely hear some terms that you may not understand immediately. One of those terms is hosting. Hosting is what an independent company does for your website. The company will take your website, place it on a server and from there, the website can be operated and people can access your website via the hosting company server. While this seems simple enough, there are many different levels of hosting that you can choose and one of those is vps hosting windows.

To better understand this, it’s important to break down this particular plan to know what this type of hosting plan offers. Firstly, the VPS stands for virtual private servers. An affordable method of hosting is a plan that places multiple websites on the same web server. This is called shared hosting. While it may not be the best in terms of performance, it is the most affordable type of hosting and for new websites, it typically offers plenty of performance and plenty of features.

VPS hosting physically is the same as shared hosting as websites will use the same server. However, thanks to specific software, each website is individually encapsulated allowing it to function like it is the only website on the server. This offers better performance than shared hosting yet it still offers the affordability of shared hosting as opposed to higher levels of hosting which can be quite expensive.

The Windows aspect of this type of plan is basically the operating system that a web server uses. When it comes to web servers, there are numerous operating systems but Windows is perhaps one of the most popular. The reason why is it is extremely flexible and is compatible with many different coding languages. There are also plenty of avenues for service should you have a problem with your Windows-based web server.

With vps hosting windows, you’re getting an excellent hosting plan with a proven operating system. You’re also getting these services at an affordable price. Now that you know a bit about this terminology, you may be better suited to going out and finding the best hosting plan for your website at the most competitive prices available.

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