What Are The Responsibilities of a Contract Manager?

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Software


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The contract manager is primarily responsible for preparing and reading contracts and he would also negotiate contracts between two companies in a way that is fair and feasible for both companies involved in the contract. Often the contract manager will use contract management solutions for business to carry out his job effectively. Contract managers are also responsible for explaining to both companies what is required of them in the contract and there must also be the contract in writing to present to the persons who will fulfill the terms of the contract.

Seeking Out Vendors for Services

When a company cannot produce certain goods in-house, it will be up to the contract manager to locate potential vendors who can offer goods that are in line with the kinds of products that the company specializes in. The contract manager will need to ask vendors about their products, the pricing of those products and the overall reputation of potential vendors.

Places Bids for Contracts

Another responsibility of the contract manager is to place bids for contracts on behalf of the company he works for. The contract manager would include the nature of the work the company intends to complete in the bid. He would also include in the bid the number of people needed for the job, the price the company would charge for the job and any tools and equipment needed for the job.

Reviews Details of Contract When Needed

There will be times when contract disputes come up between two parties and this is when the contract manager has to review the details of the contract to determine if there has been a breach of contact by one of the parties. This responsibility is important since a party can sue the other for a breach of contract in court. Leading to legal fees for the company that is being sued.

Drafts The Contracts

The contract manager is also responsible for drafting contracts for a company and he would need to meet with a legal adviser or attorney who has experience in business law so that the contract manager will draft the contracts in a way that is according to the state’s laws on contracts. The contract manager can also utilize contract management solutions for business when drafting contracts. In conclusion, the contract manager has several important responsibilities and continuing education would be an asset in helping him succeed further in this field. The contract manager should also read up on the latest legal issues concerning business law so that he will do his job well.


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