Ways To Recycle Inkjet Cartridges

by | May 11, 2015 | Computer


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When you think that millions of inkjet and toner cartridges are thrown away each year, it just makes sense to recycle them. Most people would do so if they knew how, but it can be difficult to find information or know where to go. There are three main ways to recycle a used cartridge, including charities, send them back to the store or sell them.


It may not seem like much, but many charities and other institutions will accept these empty containers for multiple reasons. The first way they can use them is to have them refilled with ink and use them for their printing needs if they have the same printer and cartridge requirements. Many charities will include this information on their website or you can call to receive the information.

The second way they use them is to send them to companies that buy them to recycle them in other ways. In essence, you are donating money to the charity this way. Also, consider churches, schools and libraries.

Send Back

Before making a purchase of an ink cartridge, find out if you can send back the empty one to the store. Many stores do this, both traditional and online stores. You can sometimes receive money back for doing this, but many times you get other rewards or store credit. Typically, these companies will refill or remanufacture them and sell them for a less expensive price, which can save others money and make you feel better about your purchase.

Sell Them

Searching online can provide you many organizations that accept these used inkjet cartridges and will pay you money. In most cases, the website offers free shipping and pickup of the cartridge though the amount of money you receive isn’t very much. You will usually get about $4 per cartridge and considering you probably paid five times that much, it’s rarely worth it, though it is up to you and it’s an option that may work.


Though there are many ways to recycle an ink cartridge, you can also refill it and use it again. Most of them allow you to refill them at least three times, sometimes more. It is typically cheaper to have a cartridge refilled than buying a new one, which can save you money. Once you have used all your refills, the company will likely take it, refurbish it, and sell it again.

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