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Utilize More with Microsoft Windows 8

When you are ready to utilize more of your PC, the Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System gives you all of the familiar tools you have grown to rely on with the added bonus of apps that support mobile devices and ways for you to interact with people using business apps. By far this is not all that Windows 8 offers, however. You will enjoy more speed, security and reliability as Windows 8 seamlessly functions with existing management infrastructures by Windows.

Use Familiar Programs as well as a Keyboard and Mouse with Touchscreens

Windows 8 technology offers new touchscreen PC options that will have you processing information faster while pulling up programs. Even with a new touchscreen you can use the familiar tools such as a mouse and keyboard. Programs that work on Windows 7 are sure to work on Windows 8 with better startup times and more security. The basics are even enhanced on Windows 8. There are many apps available from the Windows Store that give you innovative ways to zoom, tap and swipe your way to programs and apps installed on your PC. Entertainment possibilities and search functions open up a world of possibilities. You also have the option of enjoying free online storage that is already built into Windows 8 called SkyDrive. This means your files will always be with you no matter what PC or device you are using.

Security and Programs that Make User Experiences Better

Windows 8 allows you to use the desktop that you have always been used to along with icons and folders that are familiar. A new task manager that has streamlined files for better management means that you will always be able to use your desktop and get back to your Start screen with a simple click or tap of your touch screen monitor. Programs that you are comfortable with such as PowerPoint, Word and Excel work the same way they always have, with the same options of organizing your documents in folders on your desktop. Windows 8 security includes Windows SmartScreen and Windows Defender. These programs will help protect your PC in real time against spyware and viruses, as well as other malicious software. Use the Family Safety feature to give your children independence while being able to view their activity for security precautions.

The Microsoft Windows 8 Operating System for personal and business use. Many software and computer components can be found to upgrade computers for maximum use.



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