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Tips for Fort Myers Residents to Increase Your Computer’s Performance

Most people can relate to a once super-fast laptop or computer slowing down due to programs, services and renegade files. To help, there are many resources like such as a Google drive find duplicate files tool to help you regain amazing speed and free up storage space as well. Now is the time to take action and get some speed back on your laptop or computer. If you’re in the Fort Myers Florida area, here are three quick and easy ways to improve performance without spending a lot of money.

Add More Memory

One of the challenges to dealing with a slower computer is the effect it has on your productivity. Both the device and your ability to get things down slows to a crawl. Adding more memory is a quick and extremely cheap way to restore some speed. Also known as RAM, adding memory to increase your computer or laptop’s performance does not require an IT degree. With minimum tech-savvy skills, you can swap out the memory in under 10 minutes.

Erase Old Documents and Duplicate Files

One way to describe your computer is to call it a digital junk drawer with clutter and nonessential items. Of course, you think you need to keep that old college application or 10 drafts of a business proposal. Over time, however, those files become the equivalent of random oddities and multiple menus for the same restaurant in the junk drawer. To help, open up your Google drive, find duplicate files and erase what you no longer need.

Remove Startup Items

Having too many startup items opening when you boot up your laptop is another culprit to slowing it down. It is a good idea to prune what you no longer need to start right away. Remove those items from the list and watch things get faster.


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