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Reasons to Choose Automotive Repair Software for Your Shop

Almost every auto repair shop has some form of automotive repair software because it helps your technicians isolate the problem, diagnose the issue, and fix it. Along with such, this software can manage your shop so that you make sure you’re paying people correctly, getting the work done efficiently, and providing the best customer service to your clients. You’ll find a variety of benefits from this software, ensuring that it works for you and makes your life easier.

Standalone Options

While these aren’t as popular now as they were in the past, you can find standalone software that is loaded to the computer. Everything is housed on that one computer, though you can create a network so that back-of-the-house and reception can both see the information. In some cases, they are vehicle-specific options, so if you only work on one make, you can use it. However, most repair shops offer their services to anyone with a vehicle, regardless of make or model, so this may not be suitable.

Online Options

Automotive repair software can be found online from a variety of sources. Once you’ve chosen a company with which to work, you can download the program to your computer, tablet, or smartphone. It is designed to work with any device, which means you can carry it with you wherever you go.

These products are designed to handle everything for you, including employee needs, management, back office, and marketing. For example, your employees can clock in and out through the computer program, ensuring that you know how much they’re working. It also includes a ticket screen so that you can access diagrams, reset codes, and much more.

Managers love the software, as well because it offers a detailed dashboard with real-time details. You can measure anything, including labor percentages, and can manage multiple shops, as well. Contact eGenuity to get more information.

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