Organizing the Daily Operations of Your Contracting Business

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Software


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As the owner of a busy HVAC contracting business, you may spend most of your time responding to customer calls and spending time out in the field. You may not spend a lot of time in the actual office and instead rely on your secretary, bookkeeper, and others in the office to manage the daily operations for you.

As your company grows, however, these individuals may need some assistance with keeping track of your operations on a daily basis. You can help them out by investing in software that manages orders, keeps track of expenditures, and creates and sends out HVAC service tickets to your employees in the field.

Having a system in place that can generate HVAC service tickets can be crucial to helping customers in a timely manner. You ideally want to help people in the order that they have called. You do not want to help people who called minutes ago before customers who hired you several hours ago. You need to help the people who made the call for services first before others.

However, without a ticket to keep track of the times when people call, you may have no idea who is first and who is last to help that day. The system you can implement into your existing computer system can keep track of the times and organize the field calls in a timely and logical manner.

In some cases, you may need to help people with urgent requests for service. For example, if a hospital’s HVAC goes out, you need to get to that hospital first before you help residential customers. The patients in the hospital urgently need heating and air conditioning.

You can learn more about how this system can generate tickets for your business. Go to for more information.

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