Getting the Perfect Logbook in Alabama and Beyond for All of Your Visitors

by | Mar 19, 2020 | Software


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In all industries, more than ever, it is very important that business owners and managers know who is always coming in and out of their building . This is especially true for companies dealing with heavy machinery and for companies dealing with classified information. One way to make sure every visitor is accounted for is by utilizing some type of digital logbook.

A great example of a digital logbook comes from the company LogBook. They have created software that allows employees to log in every day and leave notes to other employees on different shifts and in different departments. Additionally, they also have visitor logbook software for a tablet. This software allows visitors to sign in and describe why they are there, who they came to see, and what time they arrived. They will also check out on this same tablet. Once signed in, the software will automatically notify the employee or manager awaiting the arrival of the visitor. The information template is also I.D. scan compatible. This means after an I.D. is scanned into a computer, all the information can be loaded into the LogBook software.

Another awesome feature of the visitor logbook software for a tablet is the print-badge feature. After a visitor’s name is entered into the software, the employee in control of the device can print a badge with the visitor’s name or the visitor’s name and picture. This allows interviews, tests, and the overall hiring process to operate much smoother. If you wish to start using this software today, contact .

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