Five Ways Your Business Can Use a Kiosk Machine

by | May 9, 2014 | Business software


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Using a kiosk machine at your business’ location is a great way to streamline operations and improve the satisfaction of your customers. If you aren’t exactly sure where to use this machine, here are five ways that your business could implement a kiosk at your location.

1. Ordering

Do you run a business where your customers have to order a product or service when they get to your store? If you do, a kiosk could prove to be extremely beneficial. For example, if you operate a fast food franchise, your employees may struggle to hear the orders of your customers as they come through the drive-thru, resulting in unneeded frustration and errors. Placing a kiosk in the drive-thru area could allow your customers to easily see their menu options, order, and receive their food without mistakes.

2. Configurations

At some business, customers build their own product or services before placing their final order. For example, many car dealerships use a kiosk machine so that their customers can easily design and create a vehicle with custom features before sending it off to be manufactured.

3. Applications

Do you constantly get people coming into your location asking if you are hiring and if they can get an application to fill out? If you do, a kiosk machine is an easy way to accept and manage these applications. Instead of rummaging through your files to find a blank application, giving it to the interested party, and then waiting for them to fill it out, you can easily direct them over to the kiosk instead.

4. Couponing

Coupons are a great way to attract customers to your business’ location. However, these coupons can often delay transactions and increase customer wait times. Instead of scanning coupons at the register, you can use a kiosk instead. When customers walk in, they can scan their member card and then pick which coupons they want to apply to their account.

5. Directions

To make your business’ location memorable and accessible for your customers, place a kiosk near the entrance or exit where customers can get directions to where they want to go next. This feature is particularly helpful in tourist towns or cities where a college campus is located.

As you can see, kiosks are not just for a few select businesses in specific industries. You can use a kiosk at your business’ location in a variety of different helpful and convenient ways.

If you don’t already use a kiosk machine at your business’ location, you may be surprised that there are many ways you could use one of these systems. From ordering assistance to employee applications, a kiosk machine can be a beneficial asset to your business.

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