Ways to Tell If Your Volusion Marketing Strategies Are Working

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Computer


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If you have an online store built with Volusion, you already know you have an arsenal of powerful features at your fingertips. However, even the most robust tools can’t compensate for a lack of intelligent marketing techniques. Today, I’d like to offer insight to help you understand whether your current Volusion marketing strategies are working well, or whether it’s time to take a different approach.

Keep an Eye on Your Dashboard

Volusion has a dashboard that can give you sales statistics at a glance, particularly when you’re wondering how certain products are doing in comparison with others.

For example, you can see a pie chart of your most popular offerings, and get alerts when inventory levels are running low. By checking your dashboard statistics regularly, you can quickly determine whether customers are responding well to your Volusion marketing efforts. Take a moment to learn about a few of them at website url, then see what kinds of results they bring.

Calculate How Many People Take Advantage of Marketing Promotions

There’s also a feature in Volusion that allows you to entice customers by offering discount codes good for particular items or certain periods of time. In order to truly understand whether those types of promotions are providing good returns, make sure you keep track of how many people are using the respective codes. If the number goes up over time, that’s a good sign your promotions are effective.

Watch Your Newsletter Subscription Numbers

Volusion makes it simple to keep customers informed by sending out product newsletters. It may take a while before subscription numbers really take off, but if they continue to grow once you’ve gained initial momentum, that’s another sign that you’re succeeding in your Volusion marketing objectives.

Although you’ve now learned some basic ways to determine whether your promotional methods are successful, it may be worthwhile to get a professional assessment. If you’re considering this approach, contact us at Business Name.

Because we combine technological expertise with a strong commitment to customer service, you can expect a great experience that puts your goals well within reach, and gives you more confidence about your online marketplace.

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