Warehouse Advances you cannot ignore

by | Dec 10, 2013 | Computers and Internet


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If you manage a warehouse there are many warehouse advances you cannot ignore. From using a Cordless Barcode Scanner to ensuring your team does their job with the least amount of touches possible, here are some best practices you want your team to be using to be up to date on distribution advances.

Automate Data Collection
If your team is not using a cordless barcode scanner in the warehouse you are missing out on the easiest way to track items in the warehouse. Automating your data collection will allow you to increase productivity as well as accuracy, two of the most important aspects of efficient and low cost distribution practices. The use of bar codes helps eliminate hand written orders for picking as well as keying errors. Bar codes and using a cordless barcode scanner will bring your team into the new millennium.

Use Scanners Wisely
Don’t just focus on scanning incoming and outgoing items. Learn how to use a cordless barcode scanner to track items in the warehouse. Tracking items will help you know where everything is located which again makes your warehouse more efficient when picking orders. You can also preplan the location of each pick so that staff are assigned accordingly based on the equipment required for palettes versus cases and individual orders.

Cut Down on the People Involved
The more people who touch an order the more chance there is for an error to occur. Make sure you are working smart with as little touches as possible. Start with a hands free process if possible by looking into introducing wrist-mounted RF scanners or voice pick fulfillment systems. You can then also limit touches by using print and apply labelling systems, automated sealing systems and even picking directly to cartons.

Advanced Shipping Notification
Working with suppliers to keep you on top of shipments will help you plan what docks will be occupied when. It is not always possible to identify an exact time of arrival due to many factors from traffic to weather, but it is important to know when a shipment is expected so you can manage outgoing orders. You will also be able to manage the space required for incoming items and offer informed input to sales teams who may need to know when an item will arrive to place accurate orders.

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