Three Things You Don’t Know About Effective Seattle Business Networking

by | Mar 12, 2015 | Business software


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Networking isn’t just about promoting your business, products or services. Often entrepreneurs and small business owners tend to get into a rut when it comes to Seattle business networking. They often see these events only as a way to promote their own business.

This can limit the opportunities these events offer. By staying open to the possibilities presented at networking meetings you can really expand the benefits.

Finding Employees

In some situations it is only natural to use Seattle business networking as a way to find new potential pools of employees. Small business owners may be able to recommend top consultants, freelancers or other professionals they have used in the past and provide you with their information. You may also find some of the consulting service professionals are attending those networking events and this gives you the opportunity to meet them informally before they applying for a position or applying for a job.

Mutual Gain

Using Seattle business networking as less promotional in nature and more mutually beneficial in nature can be a very important strategy. When approaching other small business owners looking for ways to enhance the market or opportunities for you both is always a good strategy.

This approach, the “we can help each other” option, can also include tapping into each other’s areas of business expertise. By acting as a consultant for specific challenges you can not only cut costs but also strengthen your overall business presence.

Have a Tagline

While having a great company name is important, so is having a great tagline. At Show Business Expo our motto is “Thank you for supporting small business”, which pretty much sums up what we feel and why we present these national trade shows for small business.

Having a tagline, which is a short phrase summarizing your business,  will help to keep your business in everyone’s mind. Just consider these taglines:

1. Are you in good hands?
2. Don’t leave home without it
3. Think outside the box
4. Have it your way
5. Like a rock
6. A diamond is forever

We bet you can identify the company associated with each of those, and is the power of tagline marketing. It is also important to use it as part of your networking and small business promotion opportunities.

While these are important aspects of Seattle business networking, we know business owners have other ways to make networking a valuable tool. What other options are there for effectively using business networking?

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