The Benefits of Zip Code Verification Software

by | May 2, 2013 | Software


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Sending mail to an address that you are not confident is accurate can be frustrating. Problems could quickly arise if the address is truly incorrect. For example, the mail could get returned and incur an address correction charge. This in turn would lead to delayed delivery times and unhappy customers. You also run the risk of financial loss if the incorrect recipient throws the parcel away because they don’t want to hassle with returning it. One of the best ways to avoid these issues is to look into zip code verification software. This software can help streamline your postal delivery experience and ensure your customer’s satisfaction.

Address verification software is a must-have product for any type of direct mail company, marketing firm, or business that heavily uses customer postal correspondence. This product will help guarantee the deliver-ability of all mail by providing a standardized address that is up to date with the USPS ZIP + 4 database. Since this database is updated monthly, the software will consistently sync itself with the database guaranteeing that any address you are searching for will be officially verified. It is a handy resource since it allows you to quickly confirm addresses and authenticate their existence without having to do extensive research. On top of this, the software can provide additional marketing information about the recipient. Items such as congressional district, county name, and mail carrier route code can all be collected and used as a starting point for researching specific demographic regions. This in turn helps determine exactly which products should be mailed to each person. The use of zip code verification software is also a great tool in determining what the mailing costs are in the areas you are focusing on and whether you would qualify for special postal rates.

All of these features prove that spending a small amount of money on verification software will provide a greater financial return in the end. Just by entering one digit incorrectly you can cost yourself plenty of time and money. The ability to instantly confirm a customer’s address and send them appropriate materials without question should be a priority for any company.

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