SAP Certification for a Successful Career in IT

by | May 23, 2014 | Software


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Many IT professionals are making every effort to obtain a certification in SAP. This is believed to be of essence in their career path as it will enhance their portfolio and open new exciting opportunities for them. While a number of people have started debates trying to argue that the value of the certification have been exaggerated for no good reasons and that acquired skills are much more valuable than just a certification, there is enough evidence to prove that getting a certification in SAP can dramatically improve the careers of the IT specialists and open for them lots of exciting opportunities. There are three basic levels of SAP certification which one can decide to attain. The levels are discussed below.

SAP Associate Level Certification

This is the lowest and the basic kind of SAP certification. It is opened for anyone who has a desire in pursuing a career in SAP. This level basically teaches on SAP fundamentals and the knowledge of ERP. It is meant to be an eye opener to the learner so that they can develop interest in pursuing a real career in SAP. Both experienced professionals and freshers are allowed to enroll for this certification.

SAP Professional Level Certification

In order to enroll for this level of SAP certification, one must have a good understanding of ERP software and must have participated and gained adequate knowledge in a SAP implementation project. Also before one is enrolled, it is a requirement that they have adequate knowledge and understanding of SAP and its extensive applications without which application will be denied.

SAP Master Level Certification

SAP Master level certification happens to be the highest level of the SAP certifications. Though not completely developed, candidates at this level will be expected to have in-depth skills in the implementation of various SAP projects. Testing at this level will be very thorough and lengthy methods will be used to get only those candidates that can demonstrate that they can implement SAP solutions by utilizing sensible and formal strategies.

These are the present levels of the certifications and they are developed to adhere to very high standards. Because the programs are meant to maintain the highest quality, SAP decided to make the qualification for certifications to be as thorough as it can be so as to ensure that only the best make it and this is to maintain the high standards of the product and to preserve the reputation of the organization.


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