How Can P2P Live Streaming Help a Business?

by | Apr 29, 2013 | Software


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P2P (peer to peer) video streaming is a software based solution that allows the distribution of data to clients without the need for a centralized server. Those involved make a portion of their resources, such as disk storage, bandwidth, or processing power, directly available to others who are participating in the network. This combining of forces of sorts allows those involved to engage in tasks beyond the regular capability and capacity of individual parties. Given this, P2P live streaming is a great way to connect employees and provide high quality streaming video content without adversely affecting your existing network.

Reduce Stress on Your Network

A peer-enabled platform allows for a significantly higher participation rate because it takes a far smaller toll on your existing network than would a traditional content delivery system. By leveraging stream recipients as distribution points to other nearby recipients on the local area network, the connection is reliable and the delivery of content is quick. P2P live streaming utilizes the best possible connection and the best method of delivering streaming video to the intended recipients. This efficient platform allows for the optimization of your network without bogging it down or taking it off line.

A Solution Scaled to Fit Your Business

A P2P live streaming solution is network friendly and scalable to suite your company’s resources and capabilities. You can implement this type of service on a standalone basis or can easily and seamlessly integrate it into your existing business structure. One size fits all approaches do not work consistently and either give companies more coverage than they need or not enough. A P2P approach to streaming allows you to choose a setup that works best for your particular scenario. All of this helps in avoiding large initial investments and ongoing maintenance costs for related personnel.

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