Helpful eCommerce Design Tips to Increase Your Sales

by | Dec 8, 2014 | Software


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The design of your eCommerce store is not just about making it look great, it also needs to generate sales. The ultimate goal is to make a potential customer trust your site, and have confidence in the product they will purchase. The second goal is to ensure your visitors will be able to properly and quickly navigate through your site.

These goals can be difficult for some companies. If you need assistance with your Bigcommerce Template Design, you may need to enlist the services of the pros. Use the tips that are highlighted here.

Call to Action Buttons that are Clear

Call to action buttons need to be easily seen and extremely clear as to where they will lead a user. Design, color and size are three ways that you can ensure your call to action buttons are clear and noticeable.

Ensure Important Information is Public

When you make sure everything is clear, and that customers know exactly what they are getting in to – including the amount they are paying, when the product will arrive and what they should do if they are not happy with the purchase – then customers will be much more eager to make a purchase.

Simple Navigation

When you create well-thought-out filters and categories for your customers, it will make it much easier for them to find the items they want to buy. In many cases, product filters and categories are either underdone or overdone, which means you should approach the creation of these from the customers perspective.

Include Several High-Quality and Large Images

When a customer visits your site, they want to actually see what they are going to purchase. Showing the product in a number of different ways will allow your customer to see exactly what the product looks like. The use of video is a great way to show your products from different angles.

When you use these tips, you can feel confident that your ecommerce store is designed to ensure conversions from your customers.

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