Ease of Invention: Creating the Next Big Thing with an iOS VoIP SDK

by | Sep 16, 2014 | Software


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If your goal is to invent the next game-changing iOS app and would like a little pre-packaged know-how and ease of use, in iOS VoIP SDK may be just what you’re looking for.

In English, an iOS VoIP SDK is an Apple-operating-system based voice over Internet protocol software development kit. In other words, it’s a kit that includes everything you need to develop an Apple app that includes Internet-based speech transmission (think Skype, or any other application that involves the transmission of speech data).

Utilizing a development kit ideally suited to anticipating VoIP-related challenges prior to development is a proactive technique for developing a high-quality app that works the way it should.

As with any app that utilizes VoIP to create a specific user experience, quality is everything when it comes to speech services.

The Sky’s the Limit with iOS VoIP SDKs

From mobile games to your own creative improvement on the ever-popular communication app, the iOS VoIP SDK is a great tool that provides everything you need to make the app your own.

Whether you want your mobile app users to interact via voice that or run some kind of voice-operated gaming shenanigans, an iOS VoIP SDK is made to offer flexibility and quality.

Typically, an iOS VoIP SDK will provide developers with a native library interface, as well as must-haves such an SIP stack that alleviates jitter and removes echo.
Echo cancellation works by characterizing the response between the loudspeaker and microphone, estimating the echo, and then subtracting that from the microphone input before ever reaching the human ear at the other end.

A comprehensive iOS VoIP SDKpackage wouldn’t be complete without the inclusion of capabilities for beamforming, or the redirection of radio signals. In addition to other uses, beamforming can be used to mitigate undesired noise associated with the use of microphones.

Reverberation, or reverb, is a common undesired side effect of microphone usage. If you’ve ever listened to a presentation given by microphone and were treated to an irritating echo that prevented you from clearly hearing what was said, then you are all too familiar with reverberation.

Ideally, an iOS VoIP SDK is equipped with dereverberation capabilities, or a type of signal-processing technology designed to eliminate reverberation.

Whatever iOS application you have in mind, there are helpful tools for development that offer software libraries ideally suited to your platform. Understanding some of the inherent challenges of your desired application before you begin development paves the way for a smooth and rewarding process.

In developing for VoIP, understanding the tools of speech applications provides a better experience for developer and user alike.

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