Data Center Infrastructure Design: Major Mistakes To Avoid With The Data Centers

by | Aug 2, 2013 | Software


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Data is central to the success of every business. Due to the importance of the system, the data system requires many skills in the formulation and actual building. Normally, it is wise to invest in a professional company that will help you come up with an effectivedata center infrastructure design. Here are some of the major mistakes that people make while establishing data systems for their companies:

IT environment

You must always ensure that you weigh the current capabilities of your company to determine its needs. Often, most companies end up with a data center that does not reflect the needs of the company. In such instances, the data system is a waste of time and energy. It also leads to massive losses since the company ends up with a system it does not need.

Density levels

In this case, density levels stand for the power required for the server. The power density levels will, in turn, determine the levels of cooling in the system. Therefore, inaccurate power densities will result in power shortages in the room.


If you determine the power needed for the rack, you will also be able to identify the cooling density required correctly. Ensure that you identify the hot spot and minimize so that you keep your center running for longer and more efficiently. Any imbalance in the power cooling densities could result in problems with the systems and thus requiring repair.


Data centers are expensive and you will need to come up with a design that incorporates both the present and future needs. You can use factors such as history and experiences of the company to come up with the right design. Wrongly estimated capacities result in huge losses to the company since it will not bring any benefit to the company.


Always ensure that the data center infrastructure design you formulate meets the standards of the industry. Failure to follow these guidelines will lead to difficulties in the future if your center requires upgrading or expansion. Ensure that your data center is in line with the current technologies.


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