Choosing Small Business Billing Software for Attorneys

by | Oct 6, 2014 | Software


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For small law firms, it is easy for the essential details of running a business to get in the way of the big picture. You want to spend the majority of your time researching and working on cases. However, those details cannot be overlooked and together can add up to a lot of extra work. Simplifying those tasks where possible can help your business run efficiently. This is where billing software for attorneys comes in. This is a practical solution for streamlining your billing system and ensuring that each statement is accurate and complete.

An Overview of Billing Software for Attorneys

Online Legal Software is a versatile program that gives attorneys access to files wherever they go. It operates in a cloud, so you can work from your desktop at the office, check details from your mobile phone, or read over paperwork from your tablet at home. The software is meant to function in the way that traditional paperwork has for decades, while adding the modern convenience of technology to keep everything organized.

The attorney dashboard keeps track of appointments, meetings, active projects, and current billing statements. Click on a specific client to find details about fee rates, expenses, and everything needed to create reports and bills.

Benefits for Small Business Owners

Keeping track of time can be difficult for the individual attorney. Online Legal Software includes time-tracking software that allows you to activate a timer and synchronize that data with a calendar and billing entries. Even when you forget to start the timer, the software keeps a record of when a narrative was opened. Users can be confident that the billing software has not missed any detail, and bills can be sent out accurately.

Billing software for attorneys is the perfect alternative to hiring a part-time assistant. The program integrates all input information together, creating reminders and double-checking details. Everything is organized in one place, so there is no need to go searching for misplaced forms when it comes time to bill. Even when details are overlooked, the software can remind you to include appointments from the calendar into an account by cross-referencing client names and facts.

Online Billing Software is the most practical solution when you need billing software for attorneys. Simple and straightforward, it organizes everything in an intuitive database that will keep you on task and ensure that nothing gets overlooked. The combination of timer, calendar, and billing statement creation will save you time and money, leaving you free to focus on the heart of your legal practice.

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