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Six Ways to Improve Your SEO Services Milwaukee

Most of your SEO campaign efforts are focused on meeting the criteria that Google has in its ranking algorithm. However, you need to look beyond the search engine and drill down on specific sites. LinkedIn, used by more than 300 million professionals, is an excellent place to direct your attention.

1. Round Out Your Profile

LinkedIn has become a powerful force for businesses seeking information about other companies and other professionals to assist in their growth. However, now that so many companies have profile pages up on LinkedIn, you’re probably not coming up as often in searches. Now is the perfect time to work on an SEO campaign on LinkedIn to get you back to a more enviable position.

2. Play to the Algorithm

LinkedIn also has an algorithm that puts priority on various data, which means you can boost your visibility in this space if you follow some of these tips. Make certain you’ve completely filled out your company profile. The more thoroughly you fill out your profile, the more information LinkedIn has on you to make you more visible in searches.

3. Keywords are Important on LinkedIn

You should know the keywords that people use when they seek out the services you provide. Use these keywords in your profile. Keep in mind how you search for information on LinkedIn and keep your keywords as short and simple as you do in your own searches.

4. Grow Your Network

Network size matters to LinkedIn, which means you need to take the time to bring in the relevant players into your network. The site also gives preference in searches to connections, even second- and third-level connections.

5. Get Active in Groups

Are you staying active in your LinkedIn groups? This matters to the LinkedIn algorithm. Joining groups and being active in them will boost your profile activity levels, so start using the search function and see the groups that your members are currently active in and join them. Be positive and offer professional information with these groups, because it takes more than just joining the group for it to do anything for you.

Did you know businesses put $63 million per quarter on LinkedIn ads? Giants like Microsoft, Philips, Chevron, Citigroup, Volkswagen and HP are having great success with the ads they pay for, which brings a great return on investment.

Philips created the largest LinkedIn group for healthcare innovation through a campaign using the tools provided on LinkedIn. The company wanted to be known as the thought leader in the healthcare industry and build more credibility among a specific audience. They utilized LinkedI’s custom groups, partner messages, display ads and poll tools to achieve this. The result was a 50+ net promoter score, which is a customer loyalty metric, and it signifies high value.

The SEO consulting services provided by Exley Co. can help you improve your company’s online visibility using various social media platforms like LinkedIn. Exley Co. can help your team effectively manage your SEO efforts by offering professional training that includes SEO best practices. They can also assist you in avoiding the negative SEO practices that do nothing but lower your ranking. For more information, visit her site today to start on the road to a successful SEO campaign.

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