3 Benefits of Using Online Legal Software

by | Nov 24, 2014 | Software


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Whether you are a solo practice lawyer or part of a small to medium sized firm, staying organized and being able to keep track of your time spent on a project is paramount to your success. Times have changed, technology has advanced our lives in ways we never thought possible just a few decades ago. From a lawyer’s point of view, first there were file cabinets and then came legal software (also called attorney software) that you could utilize while you were in the office. Today, legal billing software doesn’t have to restrict you to just the office or computer that it’s installed on. There are several program suites available online to help you practice more efficiently from any location. One of these quality programs is called Online Legal Software. In this technological era that we live in today, why wouldn’t you want to take full advantage of the latest in legal timekeeping, legal billing and task management?

Access from Anywhere – One of the most profound advantages to using Online Legal Software is that it allows access to your work from any device, regardless of location, as long as you have access to the internet. Instead of purchasing a legal software license for your law office or personal computer, essentially tethering you to these places if you want to continue working, you can now buy a license to a platform of online-accessible programs.

Stay Secure – It is a lawyer’s responsibility to take reasonable steps to keep their client’s data as locked up and secure as possible. There’s nothing to worry about though because Online Legal Software uses bank-level 256-bit encryption and transmits the data to servers based in the United States. The data that is received is also backed up instantaneously and there is no syncing required. Basically, there is no sacrifice in security when choosing to use online legal billing software.

Organization – Online Legal Software is an intuitive, powerful, and easy to use platform of programs that keeps all of your important information in a single place. Attorney time and billing can be a difficult aspect of your job to keep complete track of, but with the help of an integrated and comprehensive tool it can definitely be easier. Compare the time you remember with the programs so that when you run a bill, you can be sure that it’s complete.

Acquire greater control over your law practice and attain peace of mind by implementing this powerful tool. You can view an online demo and sign up for a risk-free trial by contacting them today!

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